Crochet Tutorial: Cute Valentine’s Day Bunting

Valentine’s Day is in less than two weeks. That means that lots of chocolate, flowers, cards and other red stuff, preferably heart-shaped, is coming towards you either in shops or on the Internet. Love is in the air!

Personally, I don’t have a very strong relationship with the 14th of February… your dearest ones deserve to be loved every day! However, I do want to make my contribution as well… so this little crochet tutorial is my Valentine’s gift for all of you! And of course, the use of hearts is not limited to one day in the year! Spread love all year round!

Instead of making a cute bunting, these small hearts are also perfect for card crafting, gift wrapping or (make a LOT) use them as confetti!

For these hearts, I’ve used regular cotton yarn (details below) and a sparkle yarn to connect them. Don’t you just love the shiny touch of the sparkle yarn? As you only need small amounts for each heart, this project is great to use up your stash. You can use all sorts of yarn, just make sure that you use the right crochet hook for your type of yarn.

I do realise that designing a heart pattern like this one is not rocket science and I’m definitely not inventing something completely new! A quick search on Pinterest will give you loads of patterns and tutorials. I tried a lot of them and finally found that pretty much all of them needed some kind of adjustment for me to like them. So here’s my own version.

Below I’ll show you how to make this easy ‘Cute Valentine’s Bunting’.

What you need



  • Crochet hook: 3,5 mm (US size E-4)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A darning needle



Pattern instructions

Crochet Stitch Diagram

The stitches are used according to US terms.

Written Pattern

Make 13 hearts according to the instructions below (I made three in pink and orange and seven in red).

Create a magic loop

Round 1: ch 3, in the ring tr 3, dc 3, ch 1, tr 1, ch 1, dc 3, tr 3, ch 2, connect to magic loop with a sl st. Close the magic loop a little, but not completely at this point!

Round 2: ch 3, sc 1 and hdc 1 in the first tr of the previous round, hdc 3 in the next stitch, hdc 2 in the next stitch, sc  in each of the next 3 st, sc around ch of previous round, ch, dc in tr of previous round, ch, sc around ch of previous round, sc in each of the next 3 st, hdc 2 in next st, hdc 3 in next st, hdc 1 and sc 1 in next st (last tr of previous round), ch 3 and connect to the magic loop with a sl st. Cut the yarn.

Close the magic loop completely by pulling the yarn end and darn in your ends.

Make the bunting

  1. Use the sparkle yarn and ch 15, create a loop by making a sl st in the first ch.
  2. Ch 10
  3. Attach the first heart with a sl st in the last hdc you’ve made in round 2 of the heart, ch 5, sl st in the first hdc of round 2 (these are indicated in the chart by arrows)
  4. Ch 8 between the hearts
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining hearts
  6. Ch 10 and mark the last ch (with your finger or a stitch marker)
  7. Ch 15 and create a loop by making a sl st in the marked ch
  8. Cut the yarn and darn in the ends.

You’re finished!

Enjoy your Cute Valentine’s Bunting! Who will you be making it for? 🙂

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