Winter Wonderland…

Living in the Netherlands means that the seasons change throughout the year. Spring is followed by Summer which moves into Autumn. And then comes Winter. Where we are currently in.

I can really appreciate the changing of the seasons. I think I’d have a hard time living somewhere where this doesn’t happen. But that’s a matter of what you’re used to… No judgement here. If you would ask me for my favourite season, though, I couldn’t give you a very straight answer I’m afraid. I kind of like them all I guess… Or at least every season has its own beauty.

I love it when in Spring all plants and trees turn green again. The bright green colour of fresh foliage combined with Spring flowers is beautiful. In Summer life takes place outside and I walk around on my bare feet (if the weather permits, which is definitely not guaranteed here!) Autumn brings back the cosiness of sitting inside with candles lit and being surrounded by warm colours. And then comes Winter… which can be very dark and grey and wet here. Days are short. I can totally understand that some of you don’t like Winter (to say the least). I do compensate those kinds of days with lots of candles and hot tea! But… if Winter presents itself like it has during the past few days, then I’d have to say that it is probably my favourite season.

We’ve been out on long walks with the camera. Lots of pictures have been taken. Come on, I’ll take you with me…

Winter happiness started on Tuesday morning… everything was covered with a white layer. The day remained foggy and grey…

On Wednesday the sun came out! Not all the way, but that bit of blue definitely made everything look more friendly!

Dense fog combined with below zero temperatures turned the landscape into a Winter Wonderland. It’s so amazing to see what nature can create! All those textures and structures… I couldn’t get enough of it!

All the different paths in the forest were beautiful. Almost mystical!

Unfortunately, temperatures have risen in the meantime and the sun has come out completely. All of the white magic has disappeared… We got a clear blue sky instead (which does give a bit of a Spring feeling when sitting inside behind the glass!).

I hope we’ll get a bit more of Winter this year… :-)!



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