Life of a Tulip

It’s Spring. Green is popping up everywhere. That lush, Spring green… I love it. The sun is out more and that really gives a lot of energy. Spring, of course, is also the season of tulips, daffodils and all other kinds of flower bulbs. There are some flower fields nearby and they are in full bloom at the moment. I definitely would like to go out this week and have a look at them (with the camera of course!)

We don’t have flower bulbs in our garden (yet), but a bunch of tulips is on the kitchen table very regularly.

When you buy them, you can barely tell what colour they will be. It’s mostly green what’s in your hands. But then, with a little help of water, warmth and light they turn into the most beautiful flowers.

With this particular bunch, I decided to follow them along with my camera. And I have to say… I like all stages of tulip life. Even the last bit, just before the petals start to fall off, is gorgeous. The petals start to dry and their colour becomes more intense. It gives a lot of texture.

All photographs are taken with the vase of red tulips on the same spot on our kitchen table near a large window. Light beautifully changed during the day and because of changing weather conditions.

With these photographs, I have also been experimenting a little bit using different filters and techniques during post-processing. I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this post! Enjoy!

I’ve used ‘the big camera’ (Nikon D700 + Sigma 150 mm macro) for these photographs. For post-processing, I’ve used Adobe Lightroom and ON1 Photo 10.





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