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Merry Christmas

Hello, lovelies! Today is Christmas Day and that means that we are rapidly approaching the end of the year too. Time for me to do a little blog post for you…

It has been a little quieter during the last months than I had planned. I have been busy with other stuff apart from craft-related things and at the same time, I kind of lost my yarn mojo. There are enough ideas and plans in my head, but I just didn’t feel like executing these plans. The yarn, hooks and needles remained in their baskets and project bags.

There are a few finished items however…or, at least, practically finished. The Free your Fade shawl, about which I wrote in my previous post, is nearly done. I only have to sew in the (6!) ends and block it… Well, next year then!

So, this Christmas I took out the handmade ornaments again. They are all made without a pattern, apart from the #lovebombornament (more details on that one here). I have used the same yarns (different shades of Drops Karisma) for all of them so that they nicely match. No new additions to the collection this year… You know, that failing crochet mojo…

Then, last week, we woke up to a White Winter Wonderland. All was covered with a thin layer of snow that, unfortunately, only lasted for a few hours. Nonetheless, I took this opportunity to take the woolly ornaments out for a few photos. They simply look like they’re in their natural environment… Well, since the snow rather quickly disappeared, they are now decorating the kitchen window indoors.

I’m going to keep it short today: the kitchen is waiting for me to prepare Christmas dinner… I hope that you all are having a very merry Christmas and that you can spend these holidays in harmony with family, friends and loved ones. Don’t let it be too stressful… relax and make time for things that you like to do.

Finally, I would like to wish you a very happy new year. Hopefully, 2019 will give you only good things, health and happiness. And a lot of inspiration and time for crafts!

Talk to you again next year!

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