More Shawls and a Book

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen the above picture. It’s a shawl I’ve made as a belated Christmas present for my sister-in-law. Initially I knitted myself a shawl using this yarn, but to be honest… it’s not my colour. And it happens to be a perfect colour for her. So I unravelled the knitted shawl (it was one of my first knitted projects and had a few holes) and made this crochet one.

The pattern is by Mooi van Draad and is called ‘In je nopjes’. To be ‘in je nopjes’ in Dutch means as much as being joyful or delighted and translates in English as ‘Pleased as Punch’. Which actually is a perfect name for it (Nienke, just in case you are considering translating this pattern in English, here’s the name!)

The pattern is a paid pattern in Dutch and it’s available here (just drop Nienke an email on the address mentioned). I’ve made the shawl in a size M and needed a bit over three balls of Phildar Phil Looping in the colourway Glacon. It’s so soft and fluffy!

It is a joy to work with this pattern because it has a nice rhythm. And with a hook size 7,0 mm, your shawl will be finished in no-time. Perfect in case you need a quick gift!

I really like the blue one so I decided to make another one for myself. In a colour that suits me better. I chose another Phildar yarn: Phil Randonnees. It’s available in a lot of lovely colours and for my shawl I picked Havane. The base is a beautiful cigar brown (hence the name I guess) with bright speckles here and there.

Randonnees is thinner than Looping. I reduced the hook size to 6,0 mm and increased the number of stitches according to the pattern to reach a similar size. It’s always a bonus when the colour of the hook matches the yarn don’t you think?

My brown version is a little bit less fluffy than the blue one. That’s simply due to the different yarn. It is at least as warm as the blue one, though! I really like it!

Besides making shawls, I also went to a party where Nienke Landman (yes, the designer of the shawl pattern) released her new book. The party was hosted at Rits In, a local yarn shop in Zwolle. A great opportunity to congratulate Nienke personally on her beautiful book and perfect to meet up with other hooky people!

The book (in Dutch) contains a great mixture of knitting and crochet projects (and a few recipes)! Nienke’s strength is the lovely combinations of techniques. There’s a crochet bag with embroidery on the front. It’s on my to-do list!

And there is this knitted shawl with lovely embroidered flowers on it… Also on the bucket list! (Nienke is a great model as well!)

But I might start with this cute, small project: a sparkly pouch.

Talk to you soon!

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