Half-Term for the CAL

A little while ago I wrote a blog post on a blanket CAL (which means Crochet-A-Long) that I was going to participate in. This sentence almost sounds as if I didn’t start after all, but that’s not true. I did start and join in with Sandra’s beautiful Nature’s Walk CAL. In that particular blog post (which you can find here) I explained my inspiration for the colours and yarns that I picked and I made gauge swatches.

You might have seen my progress on the CAL if you are following me on Instagram. Now, let’s show some progress here too!

The idea behind the CAL is that Sandra is launching two crochet square patterns per week, then the squares will be joined into one piece and finally, a beautiful border is added and the blanket is ready. Now, I mention two square patterns. One of them is for free (find them here on Ravelry) and the other is a bonus pattern if you have bought a yarn pack. As I picked my own colours and yarns, I obviously did not buy a yarn pack and therefore don’t receive the bonus squares. And that’s a pity because they are beautiful. But, I have a different strategy!

Sandra mentioned that the bonus squares will become available as a paid pattern after a certain time. So… I’m making half a blanket now while the CAL is running. That means that I make the free patterns now and then put it all aside and wait for the bonus squares to become available. Hopefully, I can be as disciplined then as I am now and finish my blanket before it becomes an eternal work in progress. Fingers crossed!

Let’s start with the first squares…

The first square pattern is called ‘Gates’ and it is the lighter one in the photo above. The second one is called ‘Berries’ and I am making it in a dark brown.

Next up is ‘Buds’ and with this one, I started to have second thoughts about the colour order that I picked… Initially, I planned to make this square in the light grey (the top one in the photo above) and the other colour shown here would be my border. I decided to switch the two of them because I think I will like the border much better in the light grey.

Square number four is called ‘Leaves’ and it is obvious why… 🙂

Pattern number five is called ‘North Star’ and I am happy that I had to use this natural colour for it (according to my colour scheme). The little tin in the photo is a souvenir from France and it contained sweets (that actually had a bit of a soapy taste). I bought it because of its cuteness and I use it for stitch markers now.

The sixth and last pattern, for now, is called ‘Flower’ and it is a particularly beautiful one!

That’s it for now… I have my first 24 squares finished and my blanket now is on half-term leave! I couldn’t resist laying them out on the floor to get an idea of what the finished blanket will look like… I like it! I am really happy with my colours and I think that I need to use this photo as my motivation in case I have a lack of it when finishing the remaining squares!

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