A New Year’s Walk

Hello and welcome in 2020… we haven’t just entered a new year but a new decade as well! Being born in 1980 means that I will be entering a new personal decade too this year. It’s exciting… and a bit strange too.

Let’s start this new blog year with a little throwback to the first day of the year!

For some years now, we go away for a few days around New Year’s Eve. Basically to escape the excessive amount of fireworks here in the Netherlands. Honestly, it sometimes sounds like a warzone. We are irritated by it and our dog (Bono) gets so anxious that he doesn’t even want to go out of the house when it’s dark outside. Unfortunately, the rules and regulations on fireworks only seem to exist on paper…

So this year we rented a little holiday home near Papenburg in Germany. Our experience is that the Germans limit the use of fireworks to New Year’s Eve itself and that’s okay. Maybe, however, we were too close to the Dutch border… people in this area seemed very fond of fireworks.

We were lucky with where the holiday home was situated though! We had only a short walk to a little forest where Bono could run and play. A few minutes by car took us to moorland with a beautiful walking path.

One from when it was not foggy!

The first time we went there for a walk it was sunny weather. And I, of course, didn’t bring my camera and only had my phone with me to take a few snaps.

We decided to go back a few days later for a New Year’s Walk. This time with the camera! The weather was foggy, dark and gloomy. I think it really suits the moorland landscape. The fog gives is a bit of a mystical feeling. I loved it and took a lot of photos!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Let’s round this post up by wishing you all a very happy 2020! I hope that this new year and new decade brings you joy and happiness! I have a lot of plans and ideas in my head and I hope that I can get myself to bringing them to life!

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