A Very Seasonal Walk

We just got back from visiting my husband’s family in the southern part of Germany. They live in a small village along the river Neckar somewhere between Heilbronn and Heidelberg. Their house is almost at the end of the street, just a few more houses before you walk along a small and old vineyard and out into the open fields. We walk there almost twice a day with Bono who accompanied us this time as well, of course! Let me take you with us on a very seasonal walk!

There is a small patch just after the last house in the street where this little vineyard is. All the grapes have been picked already and are turned into wine. Just a few bottles every year. I really love the look of it with the garden house in the back. The leaves had not fallen off yet and they had the most amazing colours!

Further down along the road there are former vineyards on the slope of the hill to the right. The stone walls are put there a long time ago to ‘straighten out’ the land a little bit. There are a few sheds left. I especially love this one… I photograph it every time we are here… I like the rugged and worn look of the wood it is made of.

This one is a landmark for me too. I remember that the owner (?) had put a bright looking tin on top of this pole. Years ago. I assume it’s there to protect the top of the pole from water getting in. But maybe I am wrong and it has been put on there by someone just for fun. Anyway… it’s up there for years now and the rusty surface is perfect.

Then, at the end of the road, you reach the open fields. I always enjoy these rolling hills (especially since it is so flat where we live).

And I guess Bono does too! I guess he has his own landmark here, one that we cannot see. And he checks it every time we come here (multiple times a day) and leaves a little message :).

Then we go down the road and pass the walnut tree and beehives. I found these beautiful red leaves too.

And a patch that had sunflowers! They are lovely and vibrant when in full bloom, but honestly, I like them like they are now as well!

We decide to take a shortcut straight through the fields. Look at the trunk of this tree! It looks like a piece of art!

There is a wide strip of wild flowers that runs through the fields where usually spelt and corn grow. And there were still some flowers!

Then we follow the road again and gradually walk uphill towards the forest. The view down is so beautiful with all the colourful trees in the background. I have a thing for these hides as well. They are used by hunters in the region. Oh, and the sun comes out!

In the forest, the colours are so stunning. With that little bit of filtered sunlight that is coming through it is like being surrounded by gold on this seasonal walk.

I spotted that toadstool a few days earlier, but I wasn’t able to capture it properly with my phone. Luckily it was still there when returning with the big camera.

I can’t get enough of all of the colours and textures!

One last hazy view of the rolling hills on the other side of the river before we are back at the house.

It was one of the first times that we visited our family during this time of the year. Usually, we visit in Summer (hot) and during the holidays in Winter (sometimes with snow). Or in Spring, which is very beautiful (imagine fields full of blooming flowers). However, this was very nice for a change too. The colours were so stunning this year…

Thank you for joining me on this seasonal walk!


  • E. Hansen (Utah)
    17th September 2023 at 19:51

    I realized that your scenic walk was taken in 2017, but I just discovered your blog this mid-September morning in 2023 and wanted to thank you for allowing me to meander through the scenic views that you captured on your stroll. I especially enjoyed getting to see all the textures and colors of fall in Germany, and was amazed to discover that the landscape there is not that different from the landscape I enjoy here in Utah. I especially liked your picture of the tree whose trunk appeared to be individual thick ropes that twisted up and became branches. Also, the peaceful landscapes of bright green farmland banked by mountains closely mimics scenes of Utah! My favorite shot, though, was of the grove of Quaking Aspen dressed in their grand gold. Hope you go for more scenic walks in future and take us readers along with your camera! Have a blessed day!

    • judith
      22nd September 2023 at 15:33

      Your comment made me go back to this post and have a look at it again… I definitely love this season! Also, it’s interesting to hear that you have similar landscapes on the other side of the world!


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