Hygge CAL Update #6: Back to Stitching

I have neglected a very beautiful project for a long time. For four months to be exactly. You recognise the colours right? I am talking about the Hygge CAL, hosted by Scheepjes and designed by Kirsten of HaakMaarRaak. Being kind of in-between several projects, I decided to pick up this one again last week. So I am back to stitching now!

Refreshing your memory

Let’s do a little recap on this project which I started back in February. After initially buying a Jewel kit for this CAL, I decided to use my own colour combination. You can read all about colour choices and about bobbles in the first update.

In part two the actual stitching started, a part that I had been really looking forward to since it was a new technique for me back then. The second update here on the blog is all about my first steps in cross stitching.

One beautiful motif followed the other and you can read and look at them in the third and fourth update.

The fifth update is about doing endless rows of (US) single crochet… (and I noticed that I am still missing 10 rows!)

The photo below shows you where I left you and where I am picking up now:

Picking up the needle again

So, after the fifth update the base for the centre piece of embroidery was done (or: should have been done haha). It’s the point where the colourful cotton yarns come into play again.

After counting the necessary amount of rows over and over, I placed a marker thread (the orange one) in my work to indicate the middle of the centre piece. And I decided to start stitching right there in the middle and work my way towards the outside. I guessed that by doing the big central flower first, I would have an anchor as a starting point for all the other parts.

I actually did the first part of this piece before ‘the big break’. Doing this part of the embroidery involves a lot more counting than the motif rows done previously in the pattern. It’s more ‘free form’ and the different elements are not all connected to each other. I found it to be much more difficult and I think that put me off a little.

And the funny thing is that now, after my break, it feels like I am doing the cross stitches much faster. I actually finished the first half of the centre piece rather quickly. And that’s a strong motivation to keep on going!

Since we officially have Summer here now (the weather makes you think it’s Autumn every now and then), I took my Hygge with me outside and worked some stitches at the garden table.

So… this is where I am now. Fully motivated to continue and finish this beauty! I’ll keep you posted!

You’ll find all the details on this CAL in my first update!

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