New Yarn for a New Project

In this post I am going to show you some new yarn for a new project. But it needs some explanation and I’m thinking about how to start this post. Because it is a little bit like ‘what came first: the egg or the chicken’. I will try it the chronological way.

How it began

Last Autumn when we were on holiday in Bath I did some yarn shopping at A Yarn Story (beautiful shop and Carmen is a very nice lady). With a certain scarf pattern in mind, I bought two skeins of Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK. The colour is called Vengeance and this is it:

(Somehow one of these beauties got all tangled up… I have been trying to wind it but got frustrated.)

I have been admiring them from time to time since October last year being not really sure whether to make that certain scarf or not. I wasn’t totally convinced that this yarn and that particular pattern were the perfect match. Therefore the yarn remained in the basket and I would be looking at it every now and then…

Pattern shopping

When looking on Instagram earlier this week I noticed that Andrea Mowry (aka DreaReneeKnits) is having a sale on her patterns. She is the one that designed the stunning Find your Fade pattern that has been dominating the knitting scene in the last few months. I haven’t found the courage yet to start that one… it’s such a big project!

Anyway, I bought a few of her patterns. One of them being the Fun Fun Fun shawl which looks like this:

Photo credits: Andrea Mowry on Ravelry

It is made using a DK yarn which I prefer over sock yarn. It allows me to use bigger needles! And when looking at the required yarn amounts I had to think about my two skeins of Hedgehog lying in their basket.

I need more yarn!

Now, the pattern requires two 100g skeins for the main colour and two 100g skeins each for the contrasting colour. That meant yarn shopping since I don’t have matching DK yarns in my stash.

My aim was to find two contrasting colours that lift the entire project a little colourwise, because the main colour is rather dark. Figuring that I would be able to find a few matching colours in the Hedgehog range, I started to look for online shops stocking their merino DK. There is no local yarn shop close by that sells it unfortunately…

I found Nature’s Luxury, a German online yarn store with a beautiful range of yarns. And a rather large selection of the Hedgehog merino DK. Yay! I contacted Danica and asked for her help by selecting a few colours that would match my main colour. She replied promptly with a few suggestions and two later I received happy mail! That was this morning. These are the ones that I selected:

Isn’t this the most cutest yarn sample by the way?

I am still drooling a little over the beautiful colours… I really, really (REALLY!) like orange one. It’s called Copper Penny. However, I think that it doesn’t provide enough contrast or will stand out enough when paired with Vengeance. So that will end up in the basket for now until I find the perfect pattern for it (my stash actually contains matching yarn for this one!)

Jelly (pink) and Shamrock (green) are both beautiful too and very bright! They will for sure provide a strong contrast! This is what they look like together:

As soon as I managed to wind the tangled skein into a ball I will cast on the shawl. Or maybe I am going to make a swatch first to see what the main colour looks like when knitted… Yes, that’s a good idea! See you later and have a good weekend!

(I’ve updated my stash section on Ravelry as well.)

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