It Takes Three Shawl: The XL Version

Last May I published the pattern for my ‘It Takes Three’ shawl on Ravelry. The shawl is available in two versions: a version made with a DK weight yarn and a version made with a fingering weight yarn. Both of them are pictured in the photo below.

Left: the shawl in fingering weight yarn / Right: the shawl in DK weight yarn

I have to admit that the colourful one is my personal favourite! It’s a very light-weight shawl and it’s not too big. It’s warm though because it is made with wool and perfect for chilly spring mornings.

An Extra-Large Version

The colourful version is made with Wol met Verve yarns that I had in my stash. After I published the pattern, Sylvia (the person behind the lovely yarns) and I chatted a bit about this shawl and we agreed that I would knit her a sample to be used at yarn festivals.

Sylvia picked the colours and she had one request: could I make it bigger? Of course, I could!

A very Dutch piece of shawl with the colours of our flag 🙂

I added extra rows in specific parts of the pattern and the result is an extra-large, but a still very light-weight version of the It Takes Three shawl!

The pattern extension is online on Ravelry and it is a free addition to the original pattern. If you have bought the original pattern already, simply update the pattern in your Ravelry Library and you will be able to download this add-on! I also uploaded Dutch translations of both versions of the patterns as well as the pattern extension!

Virtual Yarn Festival

In a normal world today would be the start of Handwerkbeurs, one of the main craft-related events in the Netherlands. Little did we know back in May that the pandemic still controls the world and yarn festivals are something that we can only dream of right now…

Nevertheless, Sylvia has been dying up an enormous amount of yarn for Wol met Verve’s own, private yarn festival. Go have a look at her website and browse all the colourful yarns. You might even find a perfect combination to knit yourself an It Takes Three shawl!

I needed five 100g skeins of the Basic Sock yarn in four different colours for the extra-large version: two for the main colour (the light one on top) and one for each of the three contrasting colours. Since the pattern was released, Sylvia added smaller 50g skeins of her Basic Sock yarn to her shop and you can make beautiful combinations with these smaller skeins as well. You could even add more colours… The possibilities are endless! Please have a look at the pattern page for the exact yarn amounts for each version of the shawl.

I am hugging this version for a little bit before I send it off to Sylvia! Enjoy knitting and don’t hesitate to share your results with me!

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