Sofie’s Cushion: the Unicorn Version

Did you see the release of the crochet pattern for Sofie’s Cushion? I showed you the original version in that blog post and the pattern is available on Ravelry. Well, there is another one: a unicorn version!

Sofie’s Cushion was designed for the new bedrooms of two girls. Sofie picked mint as her colour and I combined it with black, grey and white for a four-colour version of the pattern. For the seven-colour version of the pattern, my starting point was blue.

The colours

Lisa, Sofie’s sister, loves blue. So, I received a blue sample card of the paint that would be on the wall in her bedroom.

Lisa also likes unicorns. That made it easy to pick a colour palette for her! I even found a pretty fabric with Unicorns! Let’s have a closer look at Sofie’s Cushion: the unicorn version.

The Yarn

I made the original, four-colour version with a combination of Scheepjes Stonewashed XL and Scheepjes Bloom. I decided to use only Stonewashed XL for the colourful unicorn version.

From left to right the colours are: Moon Stone (841), Lilac Quartz (858), Tourmaline (876), Rose Quartz (860), Citrine (857), Larimar (868) and Malachite (865).

The yarn is kindly provided by Scheepjes.

Making the Cushion

It was a joy to make this version of the pattern! I wouldn’t usually pick this colour combination to make something for myself, but I really enjoyed using the bright colours to make the cushion for Lisa!

Again, I started with making the granny squares for the front of the pillow. What’s not to like about a neat pile of granny squares?

Then I played around a bit to find a nice arrangement of the colours…

I am writing this blog post on a grey and rainy summer day and when I look at the photos the feeling of summer almost instantly returns!


And here is the finished piece… Sofie’s Cushion: the unicorn version!

The frontside is made with plain granny squares and the wrap stitch border.
The backside of the cushion is made using colourful stripes.

Doesn’t it look happy and bright?

I have a weak spot for details and photographing them :).

Maybe I like this photo best because all elements of the pattern come together here: the squares, the stripes, the wrap stitch and the ruffle border. It makes me smile!

Adding Handmade Goodies

I made Lisa a few handmade gifts as well as I did for Sofie. I used the same Tub Family pattern by Rosie Taylor and Lisa also received a patchwork pencil case.

Of course, both the tub and the pencil case feature the cute unicorn fabric! For the patchwork pencil case, I combined that fabric with matching basics and lovely pink zipper!

About the Pattern

Let’s get back to the pattern for Sofie’s Cushion. The digital pattern for Sofie’s Cushion is available through Ravelry. It is written in English and uses US crochet terms. There is a detailed instruction for both versions including yarn requirements and colour schemes. Basically, you receive the instructions for a four-colour version and a version using seven colours.

The pattern contains written instructions as well as charts for parts of the pattern and it includes detailed photo tutorials for:

  • Joining the squares for the front panel.
  • Making the wrap stitch.
  • Working the spike stitch.

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