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At The Candy Store

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Fibreshare on Instagram. In short, when you register you are assigned two partners: from one of them you will receive a yarn package and you will send a yarn package to the other partner. I will tell you more about my participation in this round of Fibreshare soon, I just can’t yet. Secrets, secrets…

What I can tell you is that I went to Wol met Verve to buy my Fibreshare partner some lovely yarn. I, of course, could have ordered the yarn online, but it is much more fun to have a look at all the colours and squeeze them in person! So off I went to Zwartsluis, which is less than half an hour from where I live. The small store is packed with colour!

How about having a colourful wall like that one at home? That would be awesome!

I’ve bought some of her yarn before at a crafts market. It was this one, with multi-coloured speckles. It has silk in it and it is so soft.  I really hesitated a long time to turn this skein into a yarn cake…

There have been several attempts to turn this beauty into something. The first attempt was to make a crochet scarf. I was getting along nicely until I figured out that it would become a very (very!) short scarf… I thought about making is less wide and adding another colour… but I decide to switch to knitting. Knitting simply doesn’t require as much yarn as crochet does. I chose to use the pattern of the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People by Sylvia McFadden (free on Ravelry). It’s a fairly simple pattern, ideal for the not so experienced knitter that I am.

It’s the first time I’m knitting something with such small needles… and that makes it a slow project.

When I recently picked it up again, I figured that it would maybe benefit from adding an extra colour or two… so that’s what I was looking for at the candy store. We came up with adding purple and yellow, two colours that I would never have picked on their own. However, together with the speckled yarn, they look great!

I’ll be turning them into cakes after finishing this blog post!

Then there are Laura and Rocky Mountain…

I’ve bought these almost a year ago after visiting the Wol met Verve store for the first time. I completely fell in love with these colours! These are sock yarn, 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. Laura is still being pretty lying in a basket. I haven’t found the right pattern for that one.

I have started a crochet attempt with Rocky Mountain after spotting the Contour Shawl by Joanne Scrace on Ravelry.

The pattern is lovely, once you have the first rows going it’s basically a no-brainer which is fine! I am however not really satisfied with how the yarn works with the pattern. So I will probably switch to knitting here as well. And use contrasting colours on this one too!

What do you think of adding purple and brown?

And Laura? She will be combined with brown and pink! How about that?

By the way, the colourway ‘Laura’ is named after Laura of De Haakzolder. She combined these beautiful colours.

So that’s the result of my trip to the candy store… (I couldn’t resist the colours of those mini skeins!)



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