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Hello New Year

Can you believe that January is almost over and the new year is a month old already? Apart from the pattern for the Asymmetric Cowl that I published on my birthday two weeks ago, nothing really happened here on the blog. Trust me, I didn’t plan to be quiet for such a long time. It kind of just happened. Not that I don’t have anything to tell you or that I haven’t been doing anything. If you follow me on Instagram (and Facebook maybe?), then you know that I’ve been busy with a lot of things.

I did have a bit of a slow start into the new year this time. That resulted in having the Christmas stuff in the house longer than usual. I blame the dark and gloomy days for that. They needed to be balanced out with some lights! Well, I decided to leave one set of fairy lights in the living room. It’s so cosy to have them on all day when the days are still so short. And it turned out that, statistically, this January was the one with the least amount of sunshine since 1951! Another reason to leave the lights in place.

The fact that both my husband and I have our birthdays in January makes that I kind of not start to plan things before. Let’s cut it short: my new year started last week. I am not really the kind of person to have a lot of new year’s resolutions for the simple reason that I know (based on previous experience) that I don’t stick to them. And the plan to lose a little weight is kind of an ongoing one anyway.


For this year, however, I did set myself a goal: To finish things that I have started. That goes for projects that I have already going on and for new things as well. And so far I have been good. I haven’t started anything new yet. At the same time, I am not finishing things as fast as I thought I would be. But hey, my new year only started a week ago… haha!

Unfortunately, the list of things to finish is quite long, but let’s sum it up here:

There’s the Hygge project: only two more embroidery sections to go.

A granny square cushion cover using the squares that I made for #grannysquareday2017.

The Birds of a Feather shawl… this one has a story to it, I will update you soon.

The Svenska Vantar (Swedish gloves). Sad but true: I only have the thumbs left before they are finished.

The Hitchhiker shawl… I had to wait for a little for the extra colour to arrive so no excuse left here.

The Hexie Love Actually blanket. It has grown since I took this photo but honestly, it’s okay for this one to go slow…

A crochet shawl using a gradient yarn… almost finished.

And, of course, the baby blankets that I am making for the twins. I love the colours! The boy version is finished and I wrote down the pattern. For the waves, I followed Lucy’s neat ripple pattern (Attic24). Then I added a few extra rows. I’m working on the girl version and I will use that one to take some photos and make a tutorial for you!

Finally, I have a lot of older (finished!) projects that are very well documented with photos but I never shared because the blog simply did not exist back then. I am planning to share some of them because it is too bad when all those photos are just on my hard drive. The one above is a preview for the first in that series.

To summarize it: there is enough to do, to finish and to share. Talk to you soon!

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