Perfectly Prepared

Aren’t they great little projects… wrist warmers and hats? They are a quick make, there are endless varieties. And the good thing is: you never have enough of them to be perfectly prepared.

About a year ago, Annette of My Rose Valley launched a pattern for a pair of wrist warmers. The pattern is named Pine Tree and when you see them, you know where she found the inspiration for the pattern. Okay, the tree in the photo is not a pine tree… but the trunk definitely has a very inspirational texture.

I started to make the wrist warmers last year when the pattern was released, but I didn’t finish them. No idea why. Too many other things going on probably…

Then I saw her making a matching hat a little while ago. Annette posted her progress on Instagram. And when the pattern for it was released, I decided to buy it and give it a go straight away.

I took a little dive in my yarn stash and found some Drops Merino Extra Fine which turned out to be a perfect alternative yarn for the one used in the pattern.

To end up with the lovely texture that the hat and wrist warmers have, you have to do a bit of fiddly crochet. However, after a few rows (when you see the texture emerge) it becomes a lot easier and from then the pattern works up really quickly. I would suggest making the hat first because it is a great way to practice the stitch pattern and you will be perfectly prepared to make the wrist warmers afterwards.

Isn’t the texture great on both sides actually?

I really enjoyed making them and I have been wearing them several times already! I am perfectly prepared for the Autumn season!

It is not me wearing the hat and wrist warmers in the photos… It is my friend and her name is, very coincidentally, Annette too! We did a little photo shoot in the woods nearby. For a different project actually…

Thank you, Annette, for modelling and thank you (other) Annette for the lovely patterns!

As usual, you can find all details (yarn and quantities) on my Ravelry project page!


  • Annette
    22nd November 2017 at 09:31

    Dear Judith
    So delighted to see your makes. That yarn looks divine. Believe it or not but I’ve never tried the famous Drops Merino Extra Fine… Love that grey color!!! And the photography!!! Love it. I got to ask, what camera and lens do you use? Thank you so much for sharing and hope you will enjoy your makes this fall. I think your friend Annette looks great in that hat. Perfect curls for it. 🙂

    • Judith
      22nd November 2017 at 16:31

      Hi Annette! Thank you so much! The hat really looks good on her, I agree. Love her curly hair! I will reply to your email with camera details :). X, Judith


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