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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts & Preparations

If you are a little bit like me, then you may have some last-minute Christmas preparations to be done. Each year during the year I try to write down what would be the perfect gift for someone. The idea is that I am completely prepared, buy get the gifts ahead and I can enjoy the Christmas season without any stress. That is the resolution each year.

But if you are a little bit like me, then this whole planning thing only works in your mind. In practice, you are gathering gifts a few days before you need them and some last-minute things pop up in your head. Because you just forgot to think about a present for someone for example.

To help you out, I have collected some last-minute gift ideas for you!

Crochet Jar Cosies

These jar cosies are a great quick make and suitable for every season actually. All you need is an empty jar (with a lid if you want to put something in them), some yarn and a crochet hook. Just pop a tea light or other small candle in or stuff them with sweets and ready is your present!

I have written down the free patterns for both the Chevron Jar Cosy and the Diamond Jar Cosy.

Cosy Coasters

Another quick make are these Cosy Coasters. You can find the free pattern here on the website. For this version, I have used only two colours and they look completely different!

By choosing different colours, you can completely adjust the look of the coaster to the taste of the receiver!

Cranberry Christmas Jam

Usually, people really appreciate a homemade present. Even if it is a simple one. You have put an effort into making it which is highly valued. Homemade jam is another easy make (that does require a bit more time though).

Now, you may not be able to make this one anymore before Christmas… I can guarantee you that it tastes just as good in January (and even mid-summer). You can find the recipe here on the blog!

Christmas Decoration

In the meantime, the house is getting some Christmas decoration. Over the years I have made some crochet ornaments in different shapes and sizes. The last one that I added this year is the Love Bomb Ornament which is designed by Jane aka Queen Babs. She sells the pattern here and she will use the revenues to buy herself a new wheelchair.

I really like the little heart in the middle. It does remind me a bit of a Linzer cookie!

Baking cookies

Talking about baking… I have been baking a few things to prepare for Christmas. I have been making mince pies (find the recipe that I used here on BBC Good Food). I had a jar of mincemeat left that I bought when we were in England last year.

I topped them with chopped almonds instead of hazelnuts. They were absolutely yummy! All twelve of them are gone already!

Luckily I made more than twelve gingerbread cookies! I made about 75… For the gingerbread, I have used a recipe that is very similar to this one by BBC Good Food. I added some different spices to them and decorated the hearts with a plain white icing made of 1 egg white, 200g of icing sugar and 2 tbsp of orange juice. I love the simple, striped icing!

The other ones that you see are Anise Seed Cookies. They are another favourite here in the house. I have used a small gingerbread man cookie cutter for these ones.

You can find the recipe for these Anise Seed Cookies here on the blog as well!


Well, I hope that I have given you some inspiration for any last-minute gifts or Christmas preparations… All that I have left to say is:

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! See you then!

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