A Little Birthday Treat: Free Pattern

Can you believe that we are in the middle of January already? Where did the first half month of the year go? Please excuse me for not updating you sooner… This, however, is going to be a quick post. I will give you a more extensive hello into the new year later!

For a lot of people, January is probably a rather dull month… The festive days are over and the decoration is gone. The weather is often not the brightest (currently we are having a lot of rain and dark and gloomy days). But… January is my birthday month. And that of my husband as well. That makes it a bit of festive month too!

I would like to celebrate my birthday with you too, lovely readers. That’s why I have a little treat for you all… A free crochet pattern! Hurray!

Two balls of beautiful Lana Grossa Olympia yarn were lying around waiting to be turned into something warm and cosy. I really love this yarn! It is a mixture of wool and acrylic fibres. Not only do the colours change, the thickness variegates too! Each year, new colours are introduced and I have been using this yarn before. For my knitted shawl and hat, for instance.

This yarn definitely demands a quite simple pattern that makes the colours and texture really stand out. So… what to make? I have a few hats already… and I can almost open up a shop with all the shawls and scarfs that already are in my wardrobe. However, a cowl was missing.

I started making rows of double crochet, single crochet and half double crochet… and the texture slowly emerged. I really love both the back and the front!

To add a little special touch, I shifted the top and bottom parts a little bit before joining them into a tube. That gives the asymmetric effect. It’s all explained in the pattern!

I really hope you like it! The weather forecast here says it will be colder again. It’s a quick make, so can finish it in time!

Please share your makes with me on social media and do not hesitate to get in touch when you have a question!

Talk to you soon! I’m off now to bake scones for my guests :)!

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