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It’s almost the end of February and instead of signs of Spring, it feels like we are thrown straight back into Autumn. A powerful storm is passing by, bringing a lot of wind, rain and even hail. And it’s so dark during the day! Brrrr… Even the dog isn’t keen on going outside… And this weather comes right at the moment where I was starting to feel that Winter can be over now. Yes, that’s right. It is enough. The sun can come out now. I want to go outside again. I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again. Where I am usually the one that can’t get enough of Winter… Hmmm… I know that March can be very wintery… let’s hope it won’t be this year.

Anyway… when Spring doesn’t come outside, then you can always create Spring indoors. With flower bulbs! There have been several tulips and hyacinths on the table for weeks and currently, we have small daffodils and grape hyacinths (Muscari) to cheer us up.

I’ve bought these daffs at the supermarket, they were so tiny. And look how they have grown! They are even bigger already and there are still new flowers coming. They are so cute!

Every year in February a large craft fair is held in Zwolle, a city close to where I live. I usually go there (and get home with more things than I actually needed… familiar?) This year, however, I couldn’t go. My father-in-law turned 75 (hurray!) and of course, we went over to celebrate. And since they live in the southern part of Germany (my husband is German), we didn’t just go over for a day. We went to visit them for an entire week.

On the first night, we exchanged our Christmas gifts. A bit late, yes. The thing is that we couldn’t arrange to all meet up over the holidays. So we had a belated Christmas Eve in February. I got a yarn swift! Yeah! Now I don’t need my husband’s arms anymore when I need to wind up a skein of yarn. By looking at the box, you can definitely say that this is a vintage version (it does have a little bit of a vintage smell to it as well). My mother-in-law doesn’t use it anymore, so she gave it to me. I’ve tested it already: works perfectly!

Being with them for a week gives us some time to visit friends living in the area as well as doing a bit of shopping. We went to Heidelberg and that’s where I had my own little craft fair!

We took a stroll through the old town and I bought these lovely fabrics at Stoff-Ideen, a small chain of shops throughout Germany selling fabrics and haberdashery. I completely fell in love with these ones and couldn’t decide which ones to take. I took them all. The brand is called Tante Ema Mustersalon. I’m thinking about making one or two project bags for my knit and crochet stuff… you never have enough of them. Maybe one with a drawstring this time? And a little pouch for hooks, needles and scissors?

And I’ve bought a few balls of Rico Bubble at Wolle Rödel. I had seen the yarn on social media. It’s a new yarn with which you can make little handy dandy things for washing up the dishes. The yarn is made of 100% polyester and you can actually wash it at 60°C! There are two magazines with patterns that I also bought.

The watermelon looks good!

And I would like to give this flower a try.

Look at the sparkly goodness of these balls of yarn! I expected the yarn to have a bit more of a rough feeling (it being 100% plastic), but it is actually not that sharp or rough. The lady at the store said she didn’t need a plaster after crocheting with this yarn :-)!

I’ll let you know how it worked out! It will definitely make doing the dishes a lot more fun!

And when we got back home from Germany, there was a little parcel waiting for me. The tapes that I had ordered on Etsy from Dominika of Cwlcrafts. Aren’t they lovely? The second one from the top even had its own little box! Too cute.



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