The Shawl for Adventures

It has been a few months since Scheepjes published the pattern for the Shawl for Adventures. This pattern, published as a Yarn – the After Party pattern booklet, is a knitting pattern for a generous shawl that I was allowed to design. It is my second shawl pattern published by Scheepjes. Maybe you remember the Away Day Shawl? That was a crochet pattern. This time it is a knitting pattern.

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**This post contains sponsored content. The materials for the shawl are kindly provided by Scheepjes.**


The shawl pattern requires one ball of Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art and four balls of Merino Soft yarn. Both yarns share the same base which is a combination of wool and acrylic fibres. The solid colours of the Merino Soft yarns perfectly complement the gradient colours of the Whirl Fine Art balls.

For Scheepjes, I made a version in teal with accents in mustard yellow. Colours that are a little bit out of my comfort zone, but that I think are beautiful together! The photos that have been made for this publication are very beautiful! Like they always are for these kinds of publications!

A Version in Blue

I also wanted to make a Shawl for Adventures for myself, so I chose shades of blue with accents in a rust colour.

To make the shawl you will need the following Scheepjes yarns:

  • One ball of Whirl Fine Art (I picked Classicism, number 658)
  • Two balls of Merino Soft, matching the Whirl Fine Art (I chose Wood, number 618)
  • Two balls of Merino Soft in an accent colour (I chose Dalí, number 608)

Relaxed Knitting

The pattern doesn’t contain any complicated stitches and is therefore absolutely suitable if you don’t have a lot of knitting experience yet. For the more experienced knitters it is a very relaxed pattern. You don’t have to think much about it. Let’s be honest: that’s nice now and then. You can knit this shawl while watching a good movie or series. Or with nice music in the background. Maybe with a glass of wine? Sounds like a perfect evening to me! Or Sunday afternoon (in my case with tea instead of wine, haha!).

Because the shawl is knitted from top to bottom, the rows eventually get longer and longer. At the same time, however, the repeats will be shorter, which prevents it from becoming too tedious and allows you to keep up the pace.

I am not a fast knitter myself, as I am easily distracted by things around me. Nevertheless, I knitted this shawl in about two weeks. That is fast for me!


To be honest… after I had finished my own version of the shawl, it was waiting for photos for quite a while. That has to do with the fact that there is a lot of time between the submission of a pattern and the sample made and the actual publication of the pattern. And in the meantime, I am of course not allowed to show you anything. So I kept postponing taking proper photos.

Now, of course, I could have done a bit of preparation and made sure that I had already taken the pictures of my own version before the pattern was published… But, as is often the case with things: it just doesn’t happen. So when the pattern was finally published at the beginning of November, I quickly had to take pictures of my shawl.

It took us until the end of November though. It was beautiful sunny autumn weather and, together with our dog, we went to the woods to take some photos.

We were rewarded with a nice bonus: while we were in the woods, a field of fog lifted, which made for beautiful, atmospheric photos. Of course, I wouldn’t have had that if I had been perfectly prepared! Hooray for ad-hoc actions!

Make Your Own

Do you want to make a Shawl for Adventures too? I hope so! I have shown you two different colour combinations here and maybe one of them is what you’d like to knit too. In case you need inspiration, then please have a look at the separate blog post where I show you five additional colour options and a few variations.

You can buy a digital version of the pattern and you can find a printed version at a Scheepjes retailer.

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